More information about Prime Gestão Software

Prime Gestão Software is a software that runs exclusively on the Internet.

He is part of a software distribution system, which is not sold and installed locally, but the acess is
offered as a service for use over the internet.

Currently there is much talk in the computer system in the cloud, and Prime Gestão Software is integrated in this type of service.

There is no longer an actual installation of the software and are paid so little for it.

Today it can be used anywhere in the world and is paid only by its use and not for its acquisition.

At Prime Gestão Software, the only infrastructure required for the customer is your own computer and an Internet connection.

The other requirements will be in charge of us, as an application platform and infrastructure.

Thus the Prime Gestão Software is to be provided as a service, the customer does not pay to buy it,
just to make use of it, and the cost of it is quite less compared to other solutions in the same range
that unlike our solution pays for the upgrades that have to do, the updates are free or charge with us.

A major advantage in choosing the Prime Gestão Software is the ease of the updates,
all responsibility as infrastructure is on us the software is updated without the user having to interrupt your work
and purchase new equipment or licenses.

A key factor that firms seek to request our service is the service availability, deployment and development as
their needs and of course the reliability that we offer.

What are the benefits?

Here are some questions we are asked regularly:

What does my company will gain by using this new solution?

The use of our software has several benefits:

* Agility: they no longer need to purchase or install a server system or to acquire technical assistance service;

* Flexibility: because, being an integrated web, different users in different locations can use the same system without any problems;

* Increase in jobs in real time: With our solution to want to add a new job is no longer necessary
configure any software on the new terminal and if you add a new employee this change takes place in real time.

* Decreased risk: the company instead of investing in the purchase of servers, licenses and its formation as the customer only pays for the use of the system;

* Your information stays safe: the company no longer worry about backups and having to purchase units of backups,
with our system your information is stored on multiple drives daily backup.
Our system also has the option to recover data that has been accidentally deleted or changed by the user.

* Return on Investment: the system that was used by many and still, you must wait months or even years to get the return on initial investment,
what happens when not used in our software, the return is usually much faster, since it requires little initial investment costs;

* Reducing costs is a significant cost savings, since we can reduce and consolidate their expenses,
all the monitoring, system maintenance, performing backups and technical assistance is carried out by us.

* Using our software the customer only has to worry about one thing: His company, because you can be sure that
when you need it will have software available to work at 100%